Regulations of stay at the Capsule Hostel in Warsaw

  1. Capsules are rented for days. The hostel day starts at 3:00 p.m. and ends at 11:00 a.m. the next day. Failure to check out by 11:00 leads to a charge for the next day of stay. However, the hostel does not guarantee the possibility of extending the stay.
  2. The price of the stay includes: an individual capsule, fresh linen, a locker for hand luggage, free WiFi and earplugs. Other services and products are payable according to the price list or the regulations of stay.
  3. People who are not checked-in at the hostel can stay only in the Capsule Hostel lobby, admission to the capsule room is only granted to registered persons.
  4. The registration of minors is possible under the condition of providing written consent of a parent or guardian. A template of consent can be found at kapsulahostel.pl.
  5. At check-in it is necessary to show an identity document – identity card, driver’s license, permanent residence or passport, in order to establish the identity of the guest.
  6. Children under the age of six may use one capsule together with a parent or guardian.
  7. After check in, outerwear and shoes should be kept in the cloakroom. Your slippers and the remote control for the capsule should be picked up at the reception desk.
  8. Hand luggage that is not exceeding (the dimensions) of 60cm x 45cm x 30cm (height / width / depth) should be placed in the locker (next to the capsule on the 2nd floor) under the same number as the capsule.
  9. Luggage that is exceeding the dimensions mentioned in point 5 should be placed in the cloakroom. The price for storing baggage after check-out is PLN 5 per day.
  10. Floor no. 2 (the capsule room and toilets) is a 24/7 quiet zone. This means that even a whisper is not permitted.
  11. Sound carriers can be used in the capsule room only with headphones.
  12. Spraying any substances (including deodorants and perfumes) in the capsule room is prohibited.
  13. As a result of complaints from other guests for breaking the regulations of stay, aggressive behavior, disturbing the quiet hours, devastation, etc., The Capsule Hostel employees have the right to ask to leave the hostel the inconvenient guest and call the appropriate preventive services, if necessary.
  14. In case of expenses related to violation of the mentioned above rules of stay, the Capsule Hostel, in addition to the costs charged for calling appropriate services, may charge the guest with a fine of 500 PLN
  15. The hostel has an acoustic and light fire warning systems. After their activation follow to the emergency exits immediately and leave the building.
  16. Breaking point 15 of the above-mentioned Regulations of stay will result in an additional fee of PLN 200 each time.
  17. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the entire facility. A mandatory fee of PLN 860 or EUR 200 will be charged for breaking this rule.
  18. Consuming alcohol is strictly prohibited in the entire facility.
  19. Unjustified triggering of the fire alarm will result in charging the guest with the costs of the called services and a penalty imposed by the hostel in the amount of PLN 500.
  20. Non-standard cleaning and cleaning of stubborn dirt is considered as an additional service for 200 PLN.
  21. Willingness to extend the stay should be reported at the reception desk by 10:00 am on the day of check-out. This request can only be fulfilled if the hostel has available capsules.
  22. Each time you leave the Capsule Hostel, you can leave the remote control for the capsule at the reception desk and collect your shoes and outerwear from the cloakroom.
  23. Refunds for cancellation or shortening of the stay are made in the form of a voucher, allowing you to stay at another time.
  24. Payment for the stay is made in advance on the day of arrival. In the case of shortening the already started stay, as a result of your own decision, the refund of the costs of living (only in the form of a voucher) will be made only until 6:00 p.m. on the day of check-in.
  25. The advance payment for the accommodation is refundable (only in the form of a voucher) if the client notifies the Hostel about the cancellation of the reservation at least 24 hours before the planned arrival.
  26. It is possible to receive a VAT invoice for the stay after informing the receptionist about it in advance.
  27. From 23:00 till 7:00 there is a curfew on the premises of the entire facility. In the capsule room, the curfew is valid around the clock.
  28. It is forbidden to bring animals to the Hostel.
  29. Please keep the common areas as a clean and report any irregularities to the Capsule Hostel staff.
  30. Personal belongings left by the guest are stored in the Capsule Hostel for 1 month. After this period, these items will be thrown. Left items can be shipped at the guest’s expense.
  31. The hostel is not responsible for valuables, money, securities, items of scientific or artistic value left in the capsule.
  32. In case of loss of the remote control for the capsule (or a key ring or key to the locker), a fee of 200 PLN is charged.
  33. The Hostel may refuse to accommodate a Guest who breached the hostel regulations during the previous stay.
  34. The Hostel reserves the right to refuse to admit a Guest who is under the influence of alcohol or other psychoactive substances or his hygiene may endanger or disturb other guests.
  35. The guest bears full financial responsibility for the damage caused by his fault. The Hostel reserves the right to charge the caused damage after his departure from the Guest’s payment card, and in the absence of card details, the Hostel has the right to apply to the Guest for financial compensation through a procedure for a payment order in accordance with the price list or the rules of stay.
  36. Failure to report any damage to the staff during check-out entails the imposition of an additional fine (in addition to the elimination of damage) in the amount of 100 PLN.
  37. The hostel is not responsible for independent breakdowns and their consequences.
  38. Guests at The Capsule Hostel are agreed to accept these Regulations upon check-in.